New Portfolio Site and Really Random Interview – Stuck in Customs

New Portfolio Site and Really Random Interview

After some final tweaking, I’ve released the official portfolio site over at My opinion-heavy beta-testing crowd chose song 1 to be first, even though I like song 2 better. It grows on you. That Bel Canto is good stuff.

I was also interviewed over on in a retrospectively random interview. I think I was loopy from too much time on a plane when I did that interview…but anyhoo… I will put a tidbit from it below along with a few pictures that I put in the portfolio:

Something I like…. Nature shows with lots of killing

Something I don’t like… Getting killed while in nature

Something I like…. Getting lost in foreign cities and finding cool things

Something I don’t like… Getting lost in my home city

Something I like… Using the seat-phone on the airplane to order pizza when the flight attendant walks by

Something I don’t like… When other people use the seat-phone to order a pizza because I do it in a much funnier way with a crazy voice.

The brand of shampoo I use… Aveda Rosemary Mint. It makes my hair smell like a fresh bag of Big League Chew.

Something I must have for summer… A segway that tows another segway behind it in case the first one breaks down.

and the rest of the really sad interview here

The three portfolio pictures below are from Iceland, Kuala Lumpur, and Naples, respectively.

Miracle in Iceland

Hindu Ascent

Masts and Shafts