Icelandic Aboriginal Bird Cave Paintings – Stuck in Customs

Icelandic Aboriginal Bird Cave Paintings

The title of this reminds me of a comment I left on here recently when someone asked how I used a technique, in which I claimed it was an Ancient Chinese secret, only it was quite new and not Chinese in the least. Also, it’s not even really a secret – I have a tutorial up here.

This was shot out in the hinterlands of southern Iceland. Isn’t the sky cool? Why is the sky always so nice in Iceland? It reminds me of Lost a bit, where there is always some paranormal sky singularity event when some little red-headed kidnappee forgets to type in the correct numbers in an underground elf-chamber.

And yes that is my shadow there. There is something about Icelandic shadows that always seems to add about 10 pounds to your frame. Or maybe it is the rotten shark appetizer that is considered a delicacy.

Icelandic Aboriginal Bird Cave Paintings

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