Norse Gods at Moonfall – Stuck in Customs

Norse Gods at Moonfall

Hallgrimskirkja is just about the coolest church in the world. I’ve never seen this style of architecture before, but it’s very satisfying from a phi-golden-ratio-geometric standpoint for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it and I don’t know why such a simple geometric style has never really been attempted in any real way by other cultures around the world.

Icelandic people are very interesting, tough, and independent. I’ve found that their thought and creative circles are almost completely separated from the traditional Western Europe (+US-spawnee) and the Far East. This leads them to do things a bit different than the rest of the world and it was refreshing to talk to the locals and see how they approach everything from a design perspective. It’s got a lot of that Scandinavian clean elegance, but still very much its own.

Norse Gods at Moonfall

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