Short interview in the Financial Times – Stuck in Customs

Short interview in the Financial Times

A few weeks ago when I was in New York, I got a call from the Financial Times for an interview. The article was about Eve Online and about what it was like being Ragnar Danneskjold, focused on how that experience translated into real-life capitalism. Chris Nuttall was the gentleman that wrote the article and interviewed me. He was a cool guy and we didn’t have time to get into all the great Libertarian capitalist discussions that I planned on (how the US Fed caused the depression and not a flaw in capitalism, how insider trading should be legal if it is in the private shareholder agreement, etc.). He wrote a bit about our in-game corporation Taggart Transdimensional.

Below are some old pictures that are in-game screenshots from Eve. As far as I know, I was the first person to visit Jovian space and have drawn-out deep discussions and negotiations with this quixotic race. It was a wonderful and bizarre little RP experience that would only be interesting to geeks and grognards.

This is Ouria, a Jovian that came to visit me in our space station in Y-4CFK (strange how I still remember those stellar coordinates). She and a group of four other Jovians came in battleships to get me out of the space station to come with them… I remember their Jovian battleships dwarfing my Caldari Raven. I got into the middle of them, and they warped me to Jovian space. While there, they “negotiated” for my Miner 2 blueprint and we had a number of other discussions that I can not disclose. The Jovians are very secretive and I would not betray their trust.

As you can see below, Jovians are really into things like skin translucency and and dour stares. It’s all part of the culture and I won’t go into details here. Below Ouria, you can see one of the Jovian battleships that came a-knockin.

And at the very bottom you can see a little bit of photoshop fun I had with a little magical propaganda work back in the day (full size view recommended). I think this is from one of the many times we declared war on Endless Corp and then paid millions of ISK to other corporation to fight the war for us. We were much to busy making money to be troubled with petty things like war.

Ouria - The Jovian that visited me

Jovian battleship jumping

Newspaper Propaganda