Across from Ground Zero – Stuck in Customs

Across from Ground Zero

New York is a great place for walkin-around photography. I always suggest using a wide-angle lens to shoot buildings and architecture. Now, many people complain that it can distort lines and change the angles. This does not really bother me so much, because I think many people can take this wide-angle view in their mind and then re-calibrate everything to make sense. For example, that black building is obviously a square building with right angles, even though the top of it seems to have a 110 degree corner. Honestly, I don’t think 95% of viewers even think about it. They just see the photo and it “feels good” to them. I often have professional photographers come comment on my wide-angle architecture shots when the walls are not 90 degrees perpendicular to other objects. My response is, I’m sure to them, quite childish, since I usually say, “Who cares?”

Besides, using a wide-angle lens is usually the only way to get the whole scene inside of a rectangle, which, itself, is an arbitrary viewing shape.

This is right in the middle of the World Trade Center area where all the reconstruction was going on. As most of you know, I’m not a fan of modern art, except for when things just work out and something like this comes together.

Across from Ground Zero

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