Thailand Summer Storm – Stuck in Customs

Thailand Summer Storm

I was blessed (do Buddhists “bless”?) in Thailand with good clouds for HDR pictures. In this one, there was one of those afternoon thunderstorms rolling in about 3 PM. However, the weather there is so hopelessly humid, that there is a fine line between regular humidity and torrential downpour.

After about ten minutes walking around Bangkok, I was covered in sweat and grime. Not the good kind of grime either – the Bangkok kind. I’m normally someone that doesn’t like to be covered in sweat, but you just kinda give up after a few minutes and decide to wallow in it. Even through the sweat, or perhaps because of it, a few locals there thought I was David Beckham, since it is well known that all white people look alike.

I also included a few other pictures from my time in Thailand where I got some good (and lucky) clouds coverage. The second one just happened to mirror the shape of Wat Arun beneath.

Thailand Summer Storm
One Night in Bangkok
Cloud Temple

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