Rebekka in Action – Stuck in Customs

Rebekka in Action

Trekking with Rebekka into the Fjords

“Hey no one has ever shot me in action before,” she said while holding a camera in glacier-wind with bare hands.

“What do you mean by ‘in action’?” I asked, fully gloved.

“I mean with a horse,” she said in a matter-of-fact way.

“I saw something like that in Mexico,” I proffered.

She looked confused, so I assumed she wanted me to shoot her with these horses… so here she is. It was either this, or in a willowy gown wading into a tidal pool while elves threw fairy dust into the Aurora… That one is coming up later.

For those of you not on Flickr, you may not know the “sensation” that is Rebekka, but she is one of the few that has been elevated to an elite class of super-Flickr-celebrities. She got so popular that Toyota asked her to do a series of advertisements for the Prius that are shown all over Iceland. She gets lambasted for posting too many pictures of herself, but she says, “Who could I possibly convince to come stand on a glacier at midnight in Iceland and wear a tiny dress?”

This shot below was taken out in a fjord area of Iceland where the horses ran free… or fairly free. They had no fear of humans, and apparently no fear of Americans.

Rebekka in Action

And here are a few others that I also shot that day before my fingers froze off…

Hope you like them… Everyone likes pics of horses, right?

The Place Where Rebekka's Horses Run Free

Icelandic Sheepdog