Gallery opens tonight – 7 PM till wheneva – Stuck in Customs

Gallery opens tonight – 7 PM till wheneva

Thanks all for the 90+ comments on the invite picture below. 🙂 Maybe we’ll have a little flash-mob tonight at the gallery… that would be cool.

The show starts at 7PM, so come by and have a drink or a snack and hang out. If I haven’t met you in person, please feel free to come up and introduce yourself.

Here is the invite again, along with a few of the prints that will be in the show. Repainting my walls for each photograph took forever. Actually, it took about 15 seconds with the hue/saturation slider.

Thanks also to Ben over at his cool Church of the Customer blog for pointing people my way! 🙂

Invite for my Flickr Friends!  Come visit! :)

The Grotto on the Wall

Duomo on a Dark Wall

Arun on the Wall

Milan Train Station on the Wall