ImageKind – the Best Artist Printing Solution on the InterTubes – Stuck in Customs

ImageKind – the Best Artist Printing Solution on the InterTubes

I have switched to ImageKind to handle all the printing and customer fulfillment for my prints. I highly recommend them!

Check it out here.

I was contacted by the CEO that found my work here on on his own and invited me. I finally checked it out, after putting it off for several months assuming it was crappy like the others, and I was glad to see I was wrong.

After looking all over the intertubes, I think this is by far the best solution. The thing I like is you can set your own prices and control your profit margins. Imagekind only takes the base price.

Also, they were nice enough to feature me on the “Shop” page and on the “Cityscapes” page, which you can see below, so I thought that was kinda cool. In addition, ImageKind has a million framing and matte combinations as well.

On the phone, the CEO mentioned that this company also owns a chain of brick and mortar frame shops, so they 1) buy their supplies in bulk and 2) have a lot of expertise in the custom construction of the frames.

I’m getting a lot of emails from people that can’t come to the actual gallery show down here in Austin that still wanted to buy prints, so this came along at a good time.

And no… Imagekind didn’t pay me to make this post… ! I’m just a self-educated believer. I also see that ImageKind has recently been mentioned by TechCrunch, so it should get a lot more traffic.
ImageKind - a great printing solution!

And here are a few shots of my prints hanging on the wall:

Chicago HDR on canvas, hanging in my living room, in a non-HDR shot, which is confusing to think about, and ending a sentence-fragment with a preposition is something up with which I will not put

Harley on Canvas

The Beating Heart on the Wall

Vesuvius on the Wall

Stained glass on the wall