Gallery Photography Exposition in Austin – Stuck in Customs

Gallery Photography Exposition in Austin

I’ve been invited to show my photography work here at this avant-garde gallery in Austin. I will put about 40 photographs up and the show will run from Dec 17 to Jan 28. Tina will, thankfully, be handling all the logistics of the event, but between now and then we have to choose what pictures will go up. I have put together a Gallery Set Here that I am trying to cull down to about 50 pictures or so… If you have any suggestions about what should stay or go or be added, drop me a note to let me know… I am not very objective on my own work, but I also don’t trust other people’s opinions, so I am kind of dead in the water when it comes to choosing, but I am still very open to suggestions. Thanks!

Here are a few that will go in for sure:

The sweet lady D2X in action;  Chicago, you are my first victim.


Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

Farewell Holland

This is Vespucci