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Thanks for all the Testimonials!

I wanted to thank you all for all the nice testimonials lately. My Flickr stream now has about 75,000 viewers and it’s nice to hear the good feedback. No one has left me a bad testimonial yet… well except for that one guy that was offended because I said in my profile that I don’t like Eskimo music.

view profile 787b says:
“Where’s the button for ‘fave entire photostream?’
I can’t look at Trey’s work without the overwhelming urge to click that little pink star. If you like his landscapes, wait ’til you get a load of his portraits. I wasn’t the biggest HDR fan before coming across Trey’s stream, but he uses it to great effect. And I don’t know what he does for a living, but anyone who travels that much is OK in my book.

Do yourself a favor and make him a contact RIGHT NOW. You won’t be disappointed.”

view profile Maria’s Mystique says:
“Trey’s true talent lies in his sharp ability to see a gripping story unfolding in everyday life. Behind his amazing photos lies a compelling drama of everyday people, places, and things. He weaves us through them with his technical ingenuity, stamina and brave renditions. My daily work with the PC screen will never be the same with Flickr’s best of the best! Cheers, Maria”
view profile Mikael Fennhagen says:
“Tray “Stuck in Customs” has a very beautiful photostream that I can recommend everyone to watch. I can watch Trays photos for hours, beacuse his photos inspire me alot. This man know how to do HDR photos, and I think that he is the best HDR photographer i know here on flickr. His photos are sharp and interesting, and he is not afraid of trying different angles. As everyone else I’m proud to have him as a contact!
Keep up your good work Tray!
Best regaurds / Mikael Fennhagen”
view profile snowriderguy says:
“I first noticed Trey’s work when I discovered some of the HDR work on flickr. His is top notch. But what really excited me the most was his magnificant photographs of Italy. Memories of my own trip to Capri, Rome, and Pompei came flooding back to me as I clicked my mouse over his images. My heart skipped a beat!!!”
view profile valpopando says:
“Stuck in Custom
it has been one of mine first contacts in flickr is a best photographer, a monster in the use of the HDR, a true friend, thanks to he have been known very many others customers, the only defect is that my photo does not have never chosen one between preferred in “Winners – The Interestingnessnessness Menagerie of Spectacles ” hehehehehe!!!!!”
view profile mattsonster says:
“Stuck_In_Customs is by far the best HDR photographer i know. His photoes are always bright, sharp and interesting. I like different angles and diversity of his shots.
I’m proud to have contacts like this)
Best regards, Oleg / mattson”
view profile sorayume says:
“You have taken some of the best photos i’ve ever seen!
The only thing i can say is that i am demanding to see more!!!”
view profile CORpicX says:
“Gosh, what do i say…… Oh I know. Trey is the best HDR photographer on the internet, in the WORLD! haha, well as i looked through all his pics, I saw that most were not HDR, which surprised me a little. But it didn’t matter, becasue the HDR pics that he does have, well they are just darn AWESOME, and the BEST!
I am happy to have Trey as a flickr contact, and I enjoy viewing his really cool pics every day.


view profile elmshire says:
“S.I.C..Trey in other words….
Has been a never ending source of inspiration to develop my own skills.
His HDR photography is ridiculously good, and he’s a top bloke to boot!
And of course, when theres a question that needs answering, if he has the answer, he’ll glady help out.
All the best to you my friend!, Heres to a long and sucessful photography career!”
view profile jonnyfez says:
“Trey is a very good and inspirational photographer and has his own style that seems to be continually evolving.
He helped me get started with HDR which I knew nothing about (and still dont know much)

If in the future I can produce stuff half as good as some of his shots I will be very happy.

Thanks for your help Trey”

view profile /\ltus says:
“Trey in my opinion is in the top percentile of HDR shooters out there. He has superb talent for the shots he takes, and the HDR rendering of them.
It’s a person like this that I wish Flickr would come out with a “fave all pictures this person has” button to save me the time of going through all the shots and faving them one by one!

He also gives a lot more to the Flickr community beyond his shots in that he is most interested to see, learn, and comment about others and their shots, which makes him a model Flickr netizen.

Best of all he hails from Austin, Texas; my alma mater and namesake of my second son!”

view profile ♥ morgan frederick ♥ says:
“he has awesome pictures in his photostream, most are amazing!!!! stuckincustoms is a great photographer!!!!
i especially like the picture of the fire truck. it looks like someone drew it. all of his pictures are worth a thousand words!”
view profile ciemor says:
“Just a few hours ago I became a contact of Trey’s and like Jodi I was immediately awestruck. The enthusiasm and love of life,family and friends is evident by his stunning photos.I am on-call at home tonight and was fortunate to have time to go through nearly every set. I look forward to seeing more of the world through Trey’s eyes!”
view profile jodi_tripp says:
“StuckinCustoms is my newest contact. I have to say that I have never wirtten a testimonial for someone I just met! I was stunned by the beauty of his work. He masterfully captures beauty all around him. The Hdr and landscapes are Top Notch! If you have not checked out his stream, you neeed to. It is Fabulous. I was shocked to see that he had not received any testimonials yet, so I feel honored to be the first! Sit back and enjoy his work, you will be glad that you did!”

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