Italian Beach on a Sunday – Stuck in Customs

Italian Beach on a Sunday

Valpopando, Joepomata, and I went out on a boat today to grab some pictures of Posillipo. Once their wives saw the size of our boat, they decided to head back to Valp’s place early to make us lunch.

We had a great day… the weather was perfect and we had crystal clear views of Vesuvius, Capri, and the entire Amalfi coast.

Behind the kayak, where I am sure you overlooked the pilot, you can see a three story ancient Roman Ruins. They are called the “Palazzo degli Spiriti”, the palace of the spirits, because of the mysterious appearance. The first floor, as you can see, has sunk underwater… it’s now filled with kids that use it for a diving board into the Bay of Naples.

Italian Beach on a Sunday

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