In Naples with Flickr Dudes – Stuck in Customs

In Naples with Flickr Dudes

It just so happens that some of my good Flickr friends live here in Naples. My mom doesn’t trust anyone on the internet and my grandmother thinks the internet is the most evil thing since Elvis, but I met up with them anyway. I mean, look at their pictures… how bad can guys like this be that take these kind of photos? The first is Valerio. The second is Sergio. Their wives came along to make sure everyone behaved.

It was great havng Napoli locals show me around… all the hidden spots, the best places to eat, etc. In the afternoon, we went to Pompeii then to the Amalfi coast for dinner… Those pics coming up in later updates.

Here are two from Naples. The first is a dark corner of Gesu Nuovo and the second is of Santa Chiara. The Santa Chiara was first begin by Robert of Anjou n 1310 and was subsequently used by Angevin rulers as a site for their tombs. That shotm from the inner cloister, features 72 octogonal pillars decorated with majolica tiles painted by Donato and Giuseppe Massa.
Glowing Icons of Gesu Nuovo

Majolica Columns of Santa Chiara