Animal New York Interview – Stuck in Customs

Animal New York Interview

The crew over at an art magazine called Animal New York interviewed me because it must have been a very slow art news day; no art suicides or lawsuits involving the ACLU were reported. Animal is affiliated with Gawker, which runs a series of some interesting web destinations.

Anyway, he chose to title the article “Trey Ratcliff Hates Andy Warhol“, which is a pretty funny title although not entirely true… I also would not list that as the number one bullet point about me, but oh well… There was a question in there that asks what artist I “hate”, so I had to pick the closest artist on my spectrum. There was another question about which Museum I don’t like, and I chose the Museum of Tolerance, thinking about the one from South Park (see the video here).

The interview can be found here on Animal.

In the picture below, you will probably notice a naked woman in a subway… That is not my photograph, but it certainly is a naked woman in a subway.
Animal New York Article