In Costa Rica – Stuck in Customs

In Costa Rica

After 18 hours in planes and airports, we made it to Costa Rica. We met my dad in Dallas and he flew down to San Jose with us. My internet access will be in and out down here, especially when we head up to the volcanic region this weekend. Since we have been here, I’ve done a bit of exploring and gotten some interesting photographs. The pictures in this post are not that great…this is just some of the miscellaneous stuff along the way.

Here are Will, Monty, and Dad outside of the Teatro Nacional, which I will detail in a later post.

Dad Will and Monty

Here is Will and I at lunch at a pretty sketchy looking place that turned out to be very good.

Trey and Will at Lunch

There was a store we found called “Carrion” that was covered with birds, which was strange in itself.


And look! No international city is complete without a Church of Scientology.

Scientology Sign