The Sefton – Stuck in Customs

The Sefton

This hotel is greatness. It’s several orders of magnitude better than the last place we stayed. Having free wireless internet is such a simple thing and I don’t think most hotels know how attractive that is to tech travelers.

There was a closed inner atrium area where all the rooms had balconies hanging out over various plants and fauna. Each of us had a room and we would sit out on our balconies between meetings on our laptops and talk to one another across the atrium. I don’t know why, but we all found this very cool. From this picture below, Will was above me and to the left and Monty was across the way to the right. After we got bored we would do rather immature things like throw candy to each other and see if we could catch it. This is something that would not have happened if our significant others were with us. They don’t allow that sort of activity.

The Atrium of the Sefton

The rooms themselves were very nice, but the TVs only got about 9 very strange British channels. You could either watch the local news, which spent all its time talking about how horrible private companies are, or you could watch strange British soap operas where everyone looked rather old and drained by the goings-on around them.

Sefton Room

Here is the exterior of the hotel close to dusk. It is next door to the opera house and one of the best-preserved buildings in Douglas.

The Sefton Hotel