Visiting the Proletariat – Stuck in Customs

Visiting the Proletariat

It was a long trip to the Isle of Man from Texas. It’s too bad Will had to be in coach. Monty and I did don our silken robes and gold-trimmed shoes to visit him… he was quite bitter the whole time, but Monty and I hardly noticed since we don’t like to deal with the riffraff.

For breakfast, after we arose from our supine positions, we were greeted with warm croissants, fruit, eggs, yogurt, and all sorts of other things. For breakfast, Will got a punch in the face.

The proletariat in discomfort

Trey and Monty in comfort

After landing in at Gatwick, we jumped on another plane to take us over to Douglas on the Isle of Man.

Trey outside the channel jumper