A bike ride along the coast to Groudle Glen – Stuck in Customs

A bike ride along the coast to Groudle Glen

I got a bike from the hotel and decided to throw on my backpack and go find some interesting sites. I tried to bring along Monty and Will, but these guys are not much for adventure. They tend to enjoy sitting around and generally not adventuring. They do adventure in Cyrodil, however, although that place does not really exist.

Here is a picture of the bicycle and my gear at the top of the sound. The bike wasn’t really the best, but I’m sure it was great when delivering telegraphs during the second world war. It was also a bit unnerving riding on the opposite side of the street – narrow streets at that. It was sunny and warm for most of the day, but then some squall blew in from across the Irish sea and dumped freezing rain on me for the ride home.

I set out to ride from Douglas to Laxey to see the giant water wheel, but I had no idea how far it was. It looked close on the map, but I forgot that those things are drawn to scale. I had to ride up a killer hill just to get out of Douglas and at the top I asked some Scottish girl how far I was from Laxey and she just laughed and then went to go find the nearest pub to get drunk.

Bike and Backpack trip on Isle of Man