Maty Weirdness Postmortem – Stuck in Customs

Maty Weirdness Postmortem

We are still having a bit of trouble explaining “death” to Ethan, who just turned five years old so he is not highly trained in death and taxes. He is obviously sad, and he goes down the hill to the old tree to visit Maty’s grave every day. But we are still not sure he “gets” it.

Here is an example of why we are confused. I am not sure if this is an indication of my son being very creative or very weird, but it certainly is a nice display of orthogonal thinking, which I always like to see. Conversation as follows:

Me (Dad): “Yes Maty is in heaven now.” [pause]

Ethan: [confused, staring out the window]

Dad: “So she can now always watch you.” [pause]

Ethan: [still staring out the window, working things out]

Dad: “And now while she is watching you on your adventures she can protect you.”

Ethan: [creases his eyebrows] “So, you mean if I am walking down the street, and I see a bad guy, then Maty will appear and she won’t have any eyeballs or bones and the bad guy will think she is some kinda alien and then he will run away scared?”

Dad: [confused, staring out the window]

Trey, Ethan, and Maty at Thanksgiving