R.I.P. Maty – Stuck in Customs

R.I.P. Maty

So it’s been very sad around here lately because my dog, Maty, passed away last night.


She was a very sweet dog and has been with us for about 12 years. Over the past few years, she has had severe heart disease and yesterday the doctors discovered what they think was a tear in the heart wall that made her heart swell up with extra fluid until it almost entirely filled her rib cage.

I have known that she was slowly dying over the past few weeks, so I did have a chance to take her on some extra walks and give her some big extra baths with brushing. She’s always had sensitive skin so that was always one of her favorite things. I think she knew she was dying too and she took whatever energy she could to make sure she came over to us to lay on the couch or on our feet.

This morning was clear and crisp outside, so I went out into the backyard and dug a grave by an old tree. As we buried her, Ethan ran back into the house and found her favorite ball and put it inside with her. We all said a few words, and then Ethan grabbed another shovel and helped me fill the grave with dirt. We also planted a little flower on top and marked it with a big rock. I know we will always remember her around here, and that she died of a heart that was too big for her little body.