Running in Zilker Park – Stuck in Customs

Running in Zilker Park

I’ve taken to running in Zilker Park in the late afternoons. Zilker runs on the south side of Town Lake and it has a very nice jogging trail along the water that is filled with 50% fit people and 50% very strange people. I’ve noticed that Austin seems to attract some extremely strange people that look like they just barely can get by on a day-to-day basis, yet they find the time and resources to lounge around Zilker Park and drink bottled water.

The first picture shows the jogging trail along the water with some shirtless guys sporting non-religious tattoos. The second shows some bat droppings under a bridge. The third shows the Austin City Hall taking up an extremely valuable piece of real estate on the waterfront, which is just what I would expect from a fairly communist city. The fourth shows a fountain at the park and a building that looked really cool in the early 80’s.

Jogging trail at Zilker Park

Bat droppings

City Hall from across town lake Fountain at Zilker Park