Burnout 360 – Stuck in Customs

Burnout 360

It’s been a big month for the 360 and there are finally some really good games coming out for it. I picked up both Burnout and Ghost Recon the day they came out and both are amazing.

Burnout is BY FAR the best action racing video game of all time. The best action RPG car game is of course Happy Car, but since that is not out yet (ahem), I have to spend my free time playing this one. If you have played other race car games and think they are all pretty much the same, then you have to try Burnout – they have effectively re-invented the whole genre.

One of the coolest new features of this version is the online play and the pre-race hype camera. The camera jumps around to 2 of the other racers, plays dramatic music and says things like, “This is your Rival! He took you down twice last race!” or “Here is the point leader – set your sights on him!” The effect is very nice because it personalizes what is otherwise a sterile multiplayer matching of random online gamers. It causes a lot of chatter too… I kept hearing everyone talk about who they are gonna gang up on because they are winning, or ad-hoc allies are created to get back at a rivalry.

Maybe I like the speed in this game because I am tired of driving to the convenience store in my Prius in an electric whirrr of 20 MPH to pick up some diapers and half-and-half.