Fight Night Round 3 – Stuck in Customs

Fight Night Round 3

My thumbs have moved to a new level of carpal tunnel disorder, which really isn’t that horrible of a thing because you have sweet memories left over.

Fight Night Round 3 for the 360 game is great, and definitely not a button-masher. One unique thing about the game is there is no UI at all while you are fighting. You don’t have any UI representation of fatigue, power, stamina – nothing – you just have to watch how your boxer moves and listen to the commentary to figure out how its going.

I’ve gotten about 800 achievement points on my GamerCard. I don’t know why I am so into that stupid GamerCard, but I find myself doing things I would not normally do just to get more points.

Here are a few screenshots. The graphics are the best of any 360 game so far. Here are a few screenshots. That second one looks like a black guy beating up an Arab, but that is probably my own Rorschach reaction.