This Place Angers Me – Stuck in Customs

This Place Angers Me

I’m not sure what it is called, but I think it is the Austin Design Center. It has a generic name, but it is that place that is off 2222 that looks like a nice house. Anyway, I had to stop by there this morning to drop off a sample for them. I have been waiting on our living room to get painted red with a faux finish for FOUR MONTHS. These people are so slow it is amazing…

I think they are trying to roust Michelangelo himself from the grave to come over and set up scaffolding. I told them I honestly don’t understand why it takes so long. If they don’t get over here next week, I am gonna go over there and go postal. You don’t even want to ask what kind of retainer we had to pay this guy that I know watches a lot of Bravo.

In fact, that is why I hired him as an interior decorator. I went in and asked what TV channel he watches the most. He said, “Bravo,” and I said, “Good, how much do you want.”

I should post a picture of our mega-white Kremlin-Stalinesque walls, but I can’t find one of those now… Anyway, I just realized none of this is very interesting except to my mom.