Dumping the Treo for the Nokia 9300 – Stuck in Customs

Dumping the Treo for the Nokia 9300

I am so sick of my Treo 650. It is buggy, slow, and the Palm OS is horrible. I don’t know how that operating system ever got to be popular. Everything about that phone drives me nuts. I think what made me realize how bad it was is my NEW phone.

Now here is the new sweet lady Nokia 9300. This phone uses the vastly superior Symbian operating system. I had a little trouble syncing it with my Mac, but I found a good hack here.

I asked Gustaf one to get me this Nokia from Sweden, where I thought it would be cheaper. That turned out to be a horrible idea… it was about $900 there because of taxes. Sweet socialism… I can get it for under half that on eBay. Which makes me wonder – why doesn’t everyone in Sweden buy most of their consumer goods off eBay?