Cyberathlete Competition (Virgins n’ Pizza) – Stuck in Customs

Cyberathlete Competition (Virgins n’ Pizza)

When I was in Dallas this weekend I was near downtown at a meeting, and I noticed a bunch of virgins in black t-shirts milling about, so I figured there must be a gaming convention going on. I was correct.

This was some Cyberathlete Competition, so I went downstairs to see what was happening. It’s the same sort of thing that always seems to happen at these things… a lot of pizza, a lot of Asian porn, and a lot of Counterstrike.

This shot below is from a Quake 4 competition. They had these two commentators up there that were doing a play-by-play analysis of the competition over the loudspeakers. It was very comical to listen to how they would struggle for new and inventive ways to say, “He just got shot by a nail gun.”

This girl that was up there doing commentary said the following things in her analysis:

“He really seems to be favoring that nail gun!”
“Look at the way he uses that nail gun – it is his weapon of choice.”
“He must have gotten out of bed today and decided he was going to use that nail gun.”
“This broadcast journalism degree I got really isn’t working out.”

Okay, well, she didn’t say the last thing, but I am sure she was thinking it.

Here are some more pictures of the Virgin and Counterstrike Get-Together:

(Pictures still live in their parents’ basements.)