What I am playing – Stuck in Customs

What I am playing

I have too many games on the plate right now… here is what I am playing.

Civ 4 – An intense internet game going with Will. I play this game a whole lotta lot.

Condemned – my favorite 360 game. I’m about halfway through. It’s not even that good of a game, but I play it a lot.

Perfect Dark Zero – I play a little… but it is very overrated.

King Kong 360 – This game is very impressive so far, but I just got it on Saturday.

All 360 EA Sports Games – I have all of them – they are all like the XBox versions, but with less features. It is kind of annoying.

PGR – A great racing game. I wish the cars deformed.

The Movies – I played all the way through it twice and could not get a 5 star star, but almost.

Weird Worlds Infinite Space – A very simple game that I played quite a bit. My high score is 19,380 – I dare anyone to beat it.

Call of Duty 360 – A great game, but I can only play it for 45 minutes before I get tired of it. But then when I start up again, I am totally into it for 45 mins… and then it all starts to look alike again.