The Movies Weekend – Stuck in Customs

The Movies Weekend

Well I spent most of the weekend playing The Movies and had a great time. It’s two things in one, really – a tycoon game and a movie-maker. The tycoon half it is pretty fun and I look forward to making some of my own movies soon after I unlock all the techs.

Here are some funny things that happened in my tycoon game:

– In 1983, I had a 68 year-old-actor show up at my movie studio and ask for a job. He was about 270 pounds, bald, and he showed up at my front gates in a tight Euro-bathing suit.
– In 1938 I released a Western movie with four big action scenes. I made the final scene inside a spaceship and the audience seemed confused.
– I did an alien movie that took place on an alien beach. I accidentally started a second Romance movie in production at the same time that used the same beach set, so the whole cast had to wait for the first movie to finish production. During that time, most of my big stars got addicted to drinking and/or eating and I had to put 3 of them in rehab. Both movies took over eight years to make and both bombed. It was a bad time for John Galt Films.