Calf of Man – Stuck in Customs

Calf of Man

If the Isle of Man was not small enough, it boasts a smaller island called the Calf of Man. There is supposedly just one person that lives on it, and she is rumoured (notice the Manx spelling) to be not terribly sociable.

The Calf of Man is also a famous bird sanctuary. And by famous, I mean that it is well known among a small percentage of the 70,000 people that live on the Isle of Man.

I took some pictures of it today. In that little bit of Irish Sea there, I saw about 5 or 6 seals that were plopping about. I’m not sure what they were doing, but I am sure they were wondering why the island had so little internet access.

It was a very desolate spit of land. I only saw one other person there, and he was searching for some lost sheep. I commented that perhaps the sheep was looking for a good wireless point, to which he said, “Rubbish!”