North Korean Child Artists Rock! – Stuck in Customs

North Korean Child Artists Rock!

Now that I am back in Austin, I can catch up on some miscellaneous stuff that caught my attention.

Dan Schorr’s recent trip to North Korea gave me some interesting insight into life there and the sweet propaganda machine. Most of what I know about North Korea came from Team America. The previous sentence is not true, but it kind of is.

We all know about how communist regimes keep a thin grip on their power by propaganda and brainwashing. There is one part of Schorr’s blog entry that proves this better than anything else.

At one point, his extremely rigid tour guide schedule took him to a supposed art class for children. You have to look at this picture to believe it.*

Apparently, the entire time, the kids were pretending to be drawing. It’s obvious to me that all of these drawings were done by the same few artists.

From Dan’s Blog:

*(Pictures carefully conditioned to not want to appear here.)