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Win a Car or Something

Jerri emailed me back and asked that you all join her car contest. To help inspire you, here is a picture of some sweet sweet acting from her blockbuster movie Komodo vs. Cobra. I guess I should not make fun… I’ve never been in a movie, unless you count Black Gangbang #27.

To join the contest, go to her website as long as no minors (or miners) are in the room and then:

Simply download (right click and save) the picture of Jerri and her new Torrent and send it to: [email protected] with your name, address, phone number and email address. You can win Five Pontiac Torrents – one for yourself and four to give to whomever you please. Tell your friends. Send them the picture above and tell them to enter too… good luck!

Crazy Trey True Fact #42e: Trey was a finalist for the first season of Survivor and went to the CBS headquarters for a final interview. During the interview, he explained how he was going to try to turn the island into a pure lassaiz-faire capitalist system. Otherwise, he argued, the island would break down to communist malaise and political nonsense. The producers of the show, naturally, told Trey that he would not be appropriate for the show. Trey then stole a handful of peppermints and ran out of the building.