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More exotic fruit

After my bad experiences in Kuala Lumpur, I decided that nothing could be worse than durian, so I will now try any fruit in any country at least once. I stopped at a little snack place on the edge of the rainforest to see what they had.

Mammon. It was orange and red with rubbery hairy things that stuck out the sides. It was not something you see on a bush and think, “Hey, I’m gonna eat that.” I cracked it open (as you can see in another picture below), and there was a testicle-sized mucousy gelatinous globule (is your mouth watering yet?) with a small seed in the middle. You are supposed to eat it and suck/chew off the gel part, leaving the seed part in the middle. The seed is only slightly more dense than the gel outside, so it was all-in-all a very confusing culinary experience.

Mangostan. In Malaysia, I had something called mangosteen, which was different and better. This tasted like mango, but it was very stringy and there was not much meat on it.

Pipas. They are like coconuts in almost every way. I had a bag full of pipa juice. It was in a plastic bag and there was no opening since they had knotted off the top. I asked how you were supposed to get the juice, and they said you bite through the bag and suck out the juice. I am glad there are no pictures of what happened when I attempted this maneuver.

Here are all the fruits I tried together. The two on the right are called gocope. They were the best of the ones I tried. Well, the orange one was soft and good. The green one was a different type of gocope and it was hard and sour. Like Hilary.