Sunburned – Stuck in Customs


I have the sort of skin that is somewhere between onion paper and litmus paper. It is all freckly and pale. I don’t really tan. I burn, and from a distance and in certain candlelight, I do actually look tan. This is why I carry around a small set of candles (or torches) with me whenever I go into public. I don’t want people thinking that I sit in front of a computer all day, which I actually do.

I think this picture is from a cool restaurant halfway up the volcano here at Nevis. It’s called The Hermitage and had some of the best food on the island. We had to travel up a pretty sketchy road, passing several skittish goats with Legionnaire’s disease. The food up at The Hermitage was 100% better than down here at the Four Seasons where everything is horribly overpriced.