Nevis – Stuck in Customs


Made it here to Nevis where we will be for about ten days. I brought the family down here to get them away from the 95 degree whether in Texas. The average temperature here is about 95 degrees.

But there certainly is a lot more ocean here than there in Austin, and there is 55% more Caribbean. This is fortunate, since all my days spent playing Sid Meier’s Pirates has finally paid off. It has not really paid off, but I don’t want to think all of that time was wasted. It was. Except for the fact that I was able to easily remember that St. Kitts is near Nevis, and you can see that in the picture below. It’s the hilly one across about 20 km of water.

There is a volcano here on Nevis. It’s dormant, or so they say. They also said that our room would come with a small Polynesian woman to rub my back, but they lied about that.