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The old days!

I had an old friend from EVE Online send me some stuff from one of the threads “The Legends of EVE” or somesuch… anyway, I guess a handful of people mentioned me when I used to act as Ragnar Danneskjold, CEO of Taggart Transdimensional. Here is some of the stuff he sent:

“Ragnar Danneskjold Taggart Transdimensional

In my ‘past life’ in Eve Ragnar was the person who influenced me the most. When I first applied in early Beta I’d heard of TTI and seen their awesome website. I endured a long interview process and was eventually hired. I remember talking to Ragnar (who in RL is a very successful businessman) and sharing the belief in Ayn Rand and being a producer versus a taker. I rose in TTI to eventually be its VP which was a great honor as there were some fantastic people there. Even after leaving TTI and going on my own I enjoyed talking to him on the phone. When Ragnar went rouge and TTI kind of collapsed it was a sad day for me. While I was dealing with health issues and ended up taking a break from Eve I still missed what some of the Eve dev’s had called a ‘picture perfect vision of a corp’ and everything we’d built. Seeing TTI in the strategy guide is still a hoot. Perhaps if we’d had a stock market back then and people could’ve bought stock in other companies economic “power” would be as important today as military power. A great economic visionary and leader Ragnar gets my vote as ‘past legend’.” – Archbishop

“Ragnar Danneskjold: Leader of the then most publicly know corporation and possibly biggest economic powerhouse in the early life of Eve. Ragnar/TTI had a spectacular effect on the first months and should be remembered for it.” – Renox

“Ragnar Danneskjold – CEO of imho one of the coolest corps in EVE. tti was a real corporation, not just a fps clan kind of organization.” – Cirque Faui

“Ragnar, kindly created the conflict that gave me both my first solo BB kill and my first BB loss. Also infamous for possibly the most magic hat to date.” – Storeslem