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Scotland Part 2!

Wow... well the last newsletter got a lot of feedback regarding the first batch of Scotland images. So, by popular demand, here is another set, again all processed with Luminar Neo... and remember you can always find me posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, old school on Flickr... and new school on Threads!

Oh, and this feels like it may be quite a long email with all the images and descriptions so if your email client clips the end, just click here to view the full thing in your browser where you'll probably see a bigger version of each image too!

Northern Sunset

Cemetery with a View

Eilean Donan Castle

Weird Water


In the last newsletter I briefly mentioned how this trip to Scotland was quite reminiscent of my early trips to Iceland as I was teaching myself photography. This photo below very much evokes those same feelings for me.

I went to Iceland for four summers in a row when I got started. I would rent a car and just get lost on the "ring loop" around Iceland. I would listen to music and my favorite audiobook (The Name of the Wind) and I would just go from random place to random place to take photos.

My alone time in Scotland played out in a very similar way. I rented a car and decided to go on a random drive along the west and north coasts. There’s a well-known route there called the NC500 and while I somewhat saw that, I tended to veer off down unknown destination side roads and un-named tracks. Also, Stu and I had already had an epic road trip to the Isle of Skye amongst other places, so I was ready to try something a little different and a little more random.

I booked a few different hotels along the coast and podcasts and weird music in hand I just decided to drive around and see how many things I could see in a week. I was amazed by Scotland, and I found it to be a delightful mix of New Zealand and Iceland from a landscape perspective. Although with may more castles! It was also interesting just how different the makeup of the landscape is from coast to coast… and those white sand beaches. Wow. Who knew! I took plenty of photos with my Sony, but some of the best seemed to come with the drone. I made sure to hit every sunset, hoping the clouds and the weather would be perfect. They usually were.

The Road North

My Travel Setup

"For rarely human eye has known
A scene so stern as that dread lake,
With its dark ledge of barren stone.
Seems that primeval earthquake’s sway
Hath rent a strange and shattered way
Through the rude bosom of the hill,
And that each naked precipice,
Sable ravine, and dark abyss,
Tells of the outrage still."

Quite the review of Loch Coruisk from Sir Walter Scott in the 1870's! And that's where you can see Stu standing in the image below. Processing it reminded me that I should do a little update on what gear I used/took on my month long Scotland adventure as it's been a while since I travelled to that extent. I'll outline my setup underneath the image...

Loch Courisk

Quick reminder... If your email client clips the end of this email, just click here to view the full thing in your browser! If you reach the Youtube video, you've reached the end!

As for my gear... I'm still sticking with the Sony A7R series for my main camera body. Primarily with the 24-105 G-Master which is just so amazingly flexible and all I really carry each day. When I need a quickfire shot, my Pixel 7 Pro does the job really well and up in the air I've moved on from the Mavic Pro series to a mix of Mavic Air 2S with its 1-inch sensor and the latest DJI Mini which is so small and light but creates great pano images. Small/light is the way to go drone wise.

My system for getting these, and all my other stuff, about revolves around 2 Peak Design Travel Backpacks. I wear them both at the same time, with one holding all my clothes and boring stuff on my back and one with all my gear and cool stuff on my front like some sort of mutant turtle. Oh, that reminds me... my current Tripod is the Peak Design Travel Tripod in Carbon Fiber. Super lightweight/compact and easy to get around. In fact, you can see one sticking out the side of Stu's bag in the image.

Speaking of Stu. He had a similar sort of system going on... just a bit more loosely packed as Scotland is home to him, so he didn't need to minimise like me for international travel. So bag 1 for Stu... Travel Backpack (all sorts of random camera stuff we might need, like chargers, extra lenses and the like.). Configured with their various packing cubes. Bag 2 was an Everyday Backpack for clothes and bag 3 the same but containing core photography gear, including an Everyday Sling slid into the top where it fits nicely, containing the drone of the day.

So that, and the Insta360 X3 just about covers it. All of the above items very much recommended and used to create all the images you've seen from Scotland. Speaking of the Insta360...

The Neo-Flaneur 2

So, here's a continuation of an experiment in its very early stages.

A new type of vlog thing where I take you along, in 360, as I wander the cityscapes and landscapes of the places I visit. These will likely evolve over time, they are experiments for now, so expect a few rough edges and a slower pace than the average YouTube travel vid. I hope you find them interesting... here is Glasgow Attempt #2... and remember you can spin the camera all around any time you want. All feedback appreciated!

The Neo-Flaneur #2 on YouTube
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