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Earth's Landscapes Alive: Genesis Series

Hey newsletter friend! Here's an early look at a cool new collection of landscapes as I've put together. 30 images from around the world on Foundation. This NFT drop is a bit different than the others where I would have over 100 or even more of multiple editions. It's very simple, as all of these are 1/1s and appeal more to the main base of Foundation, which is full of mostly collectors rather than people that just want to buy n' flip (not saying anything is wrong with that - just noting the difference). Enjoy!

Trey Ratcliff Earth NFT Foundation Preview

Above, as a little teaser, you'll see one of my favorite views near Queenstown and below, one a little further afield in Utah. Both animated of course because I love that process. You can see a few more of the landscapes, stills this time, at the bottom of the email. Thanks for looking. Stay awesome! :)

Trey Ratcliff Earth NFT Foundation Preview

AiVATAR Update - AI Art

The AiVATAR project is going great. After selling out the initial 6000 NFTs we've now seen over 100ETH in transactions on the secondary market as people trade their favorites. What's next? Well, we're working on a way the AIs can create their own art based on the answers they gave.


Above you can see three examples of the AiVATARs art creations. For the first the AI was asked to create art based around the theme of “Secret Garden”. The second piece was themed on “LGBTQ, Life and Planet”. The third was “Hive Mind”. Below you can see a little preview of the AI building art based on "Sea monster". These AIs are so cool!

AI Art Seamonster Preview on YouTube

Some of my favorite landscape images...

Trey Ratcliff Landscape 1

Trey Ratcliff Landscape 3

Trey Ratcliff landscape 2

Trey Ratcliff Landscape 4

Trey Ratcliff Landscape 5

Trey Ratcliff Landscape 6
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