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My Million Dollar Art Drop

Hey all, one final #NFT email for a while… what a crazy couple of days! Those of you who read the last newsletter will know that I launched a new collection of NFTs on OpenSea this past Tuesday. It’s my fourth drop overall after some experimentation previously on Foundation, MakersPlace and another on OpenSea. They were all great learning experiences (and exceeded expectations) and this week was no different.

The short version is that in 2 days, split over the 50 Cities/NFTs in the collection, over $1million USD was processed. My thanks to any of you who got involved, it’s really incredible and we are full of gratitude. Today, along with there being some items still available on the first and secondary markets, there are 4 auctions ending (LA, Moscow, Tokyo and Paris) if you want to get involved in the fun.

As I’ve mentioned in previous mails, I think NFTs are certainly something artists and collectors should be getting involved with now. The potential is huge, and I think it will be a big part of the art world in the future. That, along with giving back to other artists, is why I'm now investing in other NFT projects. I know it can be a bit daunting though, so I’ll be producing a bunch of how-to videos and recaps of my experience so far for Passport Subscribers. There are already 3 or 4 available which can be viewed after signing up ($9.99 a month, cancel any time, and on top of those NFT videos you get access to all of my tutorials to stream, preset downloads, eBooks and a weekly video which can be anything from processing tips to behind the scenes of helicopter rides in 360.). Once you’re in there, check this page for quick links to the previous NFT videos.

In terms of getting yourself involved in this drop… it’s fairly simple. You’ll need an electronic wallet (MetaMask is one that works with most NFT sites, others are available so definitely read some comparison articles). You’ll also want a way to get Crypto in/out from the “real world” and services like Coinbase are used for that (again, there are alternatives so do a bit of reading to see what’s best for you). If you’ve got questions, drop into my new Discord collectors group where there are a bunch of awesome, friendly people who will be happy to help. Feel free to join and just lurk or chat too as you ease yourself into this wild new world as a collector or creator.

*On re-reading this I just realised I automatically #’d NFT… too much posting on Crypto Twitter. Time to go take a solo lockdown walk…

Trey Ratcliff Cities NFT OpenSea Preview 2

Machine Elf 98 - Just Before Dawn

This was another fun collaboration with a musical artist I really respect, Jesse "The Scumfrog" Houk ( @thescumfrog on Insta ). In a very small world situation, this song, Just Before Dawn was performed many, many years ago at Burning Man and I listened to the whole set out in the desert. Then, of all things, he actually has a house here very close to me in Queenstown, New Zealand! He would put on fun deck sets at night and now we're like supa tight! He's so talented... a true treasure!

Machine Elf 100 on YouTube

Some of my favorite city images...

Trey Ratcliff City 1

Trey Ratcliff City 2

Trey Ratcliff City 3

Trey Ratcliff City 4

Trey Ratcliff City 5

Trey Ratcliff City 6
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