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Adventures on the OpenSea

Dipping into NFTs with my Burning Man images has been a fun experience so I’ve selected a handful of my other art, converted into animated content and listed on OpenSea. You’ll find a whole range of options from straight up purchases to auctions and a couple of other twists. For example, if you’ve been considering one of my massive fine art prints for a while then this is a great way to get in on the action, you can bid on one as an NFT and receive the 1.66 x 2.5 meter physical print if you win!

Trey Ratcliff NFT OpenSea Preview

Machine Elf 97 - The Seeding

Here's the latest visual meditation based on the idea of seeding yourself and the universe while listening to a beautiful meditation from Mooji. I'm both a meditation nerd and a math nerd. As far as the math nerd goes, this is a combination of two different fractals in a hybrid. The fluid dynamics are thanks to the Surfmulti algorithm hybridized with one of the core mendelian formulas. Okay, nerd talk over. Enjoy the meditation... Wait till you see it in VR along with our dozens of other visual meditations!

Machine Elf 97 - The Seeding on YouTube

Some of my recent images...

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 1

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 2

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 3

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 4

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 5

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 6
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