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My Most Cinematic Creation Yet (and an NFT update)

Before I talk about a creation I'm super proud of, a quick note on the NFT news which you'll see in more detail below... in 24 hours time I'll be launching a new set on Makersplace. For those of you who struggled with Foundation a bit this should be a more accessible platform as they accept card payments, not just cryptocurrency! Check out the preview here!

And now, an audiovisual treat, made in New Zealand...

Welcome to a very different Machine Elf creation! All my latest ones seem to be my favorite, but this one definitely gives a new perspective on the cinematic quality and storytelling of fractals. This creation was incredibly complex and took about a month for the visuals and another month for the music from Joshua Ryan. We've been collaborating on this one forever and now it is finally ready for release!

This creation explores how incredible complexity and the fabric of the universe could possibly be boiled down to a few combined fractal equations. I've always been fascinated by the fabric of the reality around us. Maybe it's just math, or a higher order of mathematical formulas that collide with different sorts of energies. It's really hard to say, eh? All these Machine Elf creations explore different facets from the same jewel of the reality that is being built around us all the time. So, grab your headphones, sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy...

Machine Elf - We Are Made From Stars on YouTube

Join the fun on Makersplace!

Just over a month ago we raised a whole bunch of money (over $10k) for charity and artists on my first NFT auction. So, let's do it again! Starting tomorrow, and you can preview some of the art now, I'm going live on Makersplace with a new batch of Burning Man goodness.

The good news for any of you who struggled a bit with Foundation and cryptocurrency wallets is that Makersplace accept card payments and do all of the crypto stuff for you. The best of both worlds and a chance to help out some artists who have struggled through the pandemic! Here's a little low-res preview of one of the items available.

Trey Ratcliff Burning Man NFT Makersplace Preview

Some of my recent images...

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 1

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 2

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 3

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 4

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 5

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 6

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 7

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 8

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