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New NFT Drops (Machine Elf too!) and a new video on what the f*** NFTs are and how they work.

Sending you a message from my digital nomad bunker here in New Zealand. :)

Anyway, not to bury the lead, which I'll get to in detail later, but here is the new Burning Man NFT called 'Awakening to what Is'. You can also see the brand new Machine Elf animated NFTs on Foundation.

Well, the first Burning Man NFT (Non-Fungible Token - think “Bitcoin for digital art”) went great and for about 7 Ethereum and you can see how it progressed at . All the proceeds went to charity, split between 3, with my nomination being a local organization here in Queenstown run by my friend Dr. Rigg called Southern Wellbeing Trust with the tagline “Delivering evidence based innovative community level solutions for Mental health and wellbeing.” Cool stuff… I may have to take all the donations back for my own mental health. Just kidding… fun mental-health humor. Keeping it light, you know… I do wonder how people can get through chaos without a sense of humor. Anyway, it may be clear to you now that I’m not a mental health professional, so it’s probably better to leave that to the experts and support them :)

The other donations went to and the Mountain Cloud Zen Center, which was chosen by Kevin Rose… who btw has a cool new podcast called Modern Finance.

Kevin Rose - Modern Finance Podcast

And now there is a new animated Burning Man NFT at Foundation - it’s one of my favorites. Here’ the official description I put on there for this piece entitled “Awakening to what Is”:

“There's quite an exciting time when one awakens into consciousness, albeit it may indeed be ironically solipsistic. As you ride out into the deep playa of Burning Man, fascinating art pops out of the ground to inspire you while you're on your own grueling Joseph Campbellesque type quest. "Awakening" by Geurts/Elmendorf makes for the perfect meditation of serenity. As with all my Burning Man works, a percentage goes back to the creator of the sculpture. For the 4K 30s file, contact after auction.”

Trey Ratcliff Awakening NFT Preview

Also, I have made a new video that describes the weird world of digital art and NFTs. I currently am only working with Foundation, but soon, I’ll be doing drops on Makersplace. I’m also interested in working with Nifty Gateway and OpenSea, but I don’t really know anyone there… so, if you do, hook me up! :)

Trey Ratcliff NFT Explaining Preview

Oh, and we’ve started a 2nd account for Machine Elf animated NFTs on Foundation. Check those out...They are quite visually appealing along with the amazing music. Here is a short preview from Machine Elf 36 - Open Heart. Click here to see it in full with original music from Sam Wave.

Machine Elf 36 NFT Preview

And, below, you’ll see a few new photos from some recent adventures here in New Zealand. I hope after all this covid stuff is over, more people get to come over here and see it. I don’t have any photo workshops planned or anything because things are so uncertain, but I’m sure they’ll get back in the rotation soon. Hope springs eternal!

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 1

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 2

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 3

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 4

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 5

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 6

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 7

Trey Ratcliff New Zealand Landscape 8

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