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My Most Viewed Images of 2020

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I highly recommend ignoring likes, etc on social media... putting too much stock in them is an easy way to drive yourself a bit mad. Comments (and interacting with your audience) are far more important and rewarding. Having said that, I do keep half an eye on which images are most viewed but not for the reason you might think. I check that stat to see how the content I like compares to what you might like. Often, such as in the case of my most popular fractal art video, something can become super popular despite being my least favorite of its type. So, here for your viewing pleasure are my top images of 2020 from the more image based platforms...


The Road to Mount Cook (Aroaki)

Image one and this may be where this whole idea of most viewed in 2020 falls apart... this image is the no.1 on Insta but of course it has been available for longer than some of my others in 2020. Looking at the way things are going, there is one newer image which I think will beat it if I look at the rolling 12 months stats in the future and you can see that as the first image in the gallery at the bottom of the email. :) Oh, and one random observation... my top 7 on Insta in 2020 were all images of New Zealand before the chain was broken by one from The Vessel in NYC. I guess given the current world situation and my lack of international travel that makes a bit of sense, but I didn't stop sharing images from all over the place so an interesting quirk nonetheless!


Monte Fitz Roy

Sometimes there is an image which seems to grab people and just run and run. This is one such image... other images I post on Flickr might beat it for a day or two and sometimes for a week but consistently it is right up there views wise. Just recently it crossed 4 million views which blows my mind. In this particular case I can relate to the audience though as it's an image I chose a version of for my Fine Art collection and one which I then went to hang the Artist Proof in my home/gallery. I'll add the most viewed new image in the gallery below as well.


Portrait of a Moroccan Man

Did you know i'm one of the most followed people on Pinterest? It's a fun fact but I can't say I've had any calls from the big fashion houses offering me million-dollar collabs! Anyway, this image I posted back in August on Pinterest and since then it has gone on to have over 750,000 views. It's being challenged by a bunch of new images from my North Island road trip though with a fun reflection shot from Te Henga and a few others all zipping past 500,000 views since being posted in late October. Again, you can see that further down this email. :)


Trey Ratcliff and Alan Watts Artistic Video

What about my most viewed video of the year? Well, that would be my latest collaboration with the Alan Watts Foundation and my good friend, Hans Zimmer. Our first video, Life from Above and Beyond was a hugely meaningful project for me so it was great to see it connecting with over half a million people across my channels. Following that up was a fun creative project and the end result is something I'm proud of with the video getting twice as many views on YouTube as Life from Above, so far.


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Stuck In Customs Passport Subscription Video

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Some of the other most viewed images...

New Zealand Hidden Lake
Here's that new-ish image from Instagram which I think will end up in first place for the rolling 12-month stats. Taken from a chopper while we were filming some content which you can see on the aforementioned Passport subscription service :).
The Vessel, NYC
The most viewed non New Zealand image on my Insta for this year... Hot Tip: The best way to Insta success is (in my opinion) to 1) use about 5 hashtags, mix up popular and obscure. 2) add the location and most importantly 3) interact. I'm always on my Instagram after sharing a post, commenting on people's comments. :)
New Zealand Autumn Walk
This was popular on Flickr and my other channels which makes it one of my most viewed mobile pics of the year. That's right, this lovely autumn scene was captured while I was out on a government approved lockdown walk with my Pixel 4.
Sometimes it's the less serious shots which catch people's imagination (and eyeballs). This image really took off on Pinterest when it was posted.
North Island Reflection
I grabbed this image while on my North Island road trip a few months back and like the pic below it went on to be super popular on Pinterest.
New Zealand Lake
And finally, this is probably my favorite image from 2020. :)
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