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Join me for a week of Photos, Yoga, Hiking, Fresh Food, and More!

I wanted to try something new, and I hope you're keen for it. Besides photography, I'm also quite into yoga and this sort of thing. Just down the road from my home in Queenstown is an amazing yoga / hiking retreat called Aro Hā. We partnered with them to bring you an awesome week of photos and fitness!

So, you're not into hardcore yoga? Well, me neither! No worries... the focus of the trip is still photography. We will be taking tons of photos in a variety of locations and situations. There will be plenty of teaching time from composition to post-processing. We'll have lots of "downtime" together back at this amazing retreat where we can get our yoga on (led by the world's best yoga teachers), have amazing food (made by a brilliant team of chefs who grow all their own food), spa time and more!

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A Few Thoughts about my Adventure in Antarctica

Thanks again for subscribing (and reading/forwarding/sharing!!) this newsletter. I thought you might want to hear a bit about my thoughts and feelings about Antarctica.

Before I went, I was quite nervous about a few things. First, I knew that it can be quite dangerous, and I'm not really a super-risky kinda guy. Second, I was worried that I might not be able to take any good photos of the place... I would like to think that kind of self-doubt is healthy. Maybe. In this case, it was just mostly self-doubt!

I went with my friend Stu (he's the bearded one in the photo above), who recorded a lot of video and stuff that we will release when it is all edited together. Our path was quite unique, since the vast majority of people who visit Antarctica go by boat. We flew into a land-based camp at New Zealand's Scott Base. Our plane was a CL-130, which means it lands with skis on the sea ice. How cool and scary is that?

Immediately after landing we went into AFT - Antarctic Field Training. We had to do everything from learn how to cut ice blocks for building an ice cave to lighting a stove with flint and steel while wearing gloves. I'll have more stories about this on my blog in coming days and weeks as I have time to work on more photos.

What were my impressions of the place? I'd say it was the lack of all the sensory input that I am used to. First, there were only white colors with a tinge of blue here and there. There were no naturally occurring reds, greens, yellows, and the like. Second, because there were no plants or anything bigger than microscopic biologies, there were no smells. There was just... nothing. Beyond that, since there was no food for insects, there were no insects, then no birds, no...nothing! Again, an emptiness of sound. So you can maybe imagine being somewhere when your 3 most valued senses (color vision, smell, hearing) are all rendered useless. It does strange things to your mind, I'll tell you... I'm still sorting it all out, in fact.

Below you'll see a few images from the trip. More to come soon!

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I can't believe it's been 5 years since I did a photowalk in London! It's time I fix that! I'll be in London soon, I don't the the exact time or place just yet, but mark your calendars for a BIG photowalk on February 14th. We'll spend Valentine's Day together walking around London, snapping photos of everyone and everything, like a giant photographic centipede. Watch my blog for details.

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A few Photos from my Antarctica Adventure

Day 1 – Survive in Antarctica
On the first day there, we went through survival training. This means we had to do everything from learn to dig out an ice cave, build a “kitchen” so we could make food and get out of the wind, set up emergency polar tents, get fuel into the tiny stove, sleep in emergency gear, and more. Here, in this photo, you can see the kitchen that we made and our little camp preparing for the survival night. And, at night at this time of year, it never gets dark… the final thing we did before going to sleep was put on eye-masks… otherwise the light did strange things to your mind…
Girl in Antarctica
Here is Clare Beet, a scientist that was in one of our remote camps while there. It was a bitter cold day, and Clare put on her emergency coat to stay warm. I thought her light eyes against the blueness and whiteness of Antarctica looked pretty, so Stu and I took her out for a little photo session. I was also freezing while taking this! I brought the wrong gloves on this little walk, so I was bare-handed while shooting. I only had about 30 seconds worth of finger-warmth, so I had to move fast!
Here's one of the countless glaciers hitting the sea ice. This was taken from