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The team over at has put together a really awesome photography bundle! There are 39 different photography products from 21 top photographers from around the world. It contains over 70 hours of training video, 14 Photography ebooks, 300+ Lightroom Presets and 500+ Textures for just $89. Additionally, 10% of each purchase goes to charity. During checkout you will be able to choose how the charity portion is distributed.

I included my Midnight in Paris tutorial because it is a personal favorite. It was the only time I’ve collaborated with another photographer and I loved it. Miss Aniela joined us in Paris for a combination of HDR and Fine Art photography. I even learned a ton myself!

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Photowalks from around the World

I love hosting and participating in photowalks. There is something really special about a diverse group of people with a common interest coming together in real life. On many occasions we’ve exchanged a message online but never met in person. We gather at a central location and then walk through the streets like a giant centipede taking photos of everything and everyone. My favorite challenge is for the group to take the most interesting photo of a fellow photowalker. It’s like being followed around by hundreds of paparazzi!

Beijing Photowalk

Back in May I held a photowalk in Beijing and we gave away a Sony a7R camera! We had a huge group show up, including an appearance by Ms. Leona Yayan Xu who was our famous model for the night. The winner of the Sony a7R was Jack Soltysik. He took the most interesting photos using just his iPhone. You can read a nice note from Jack over on my blog.

This is a great photo taken by Gioqui Brcich at the photowalk.

Denver Photowalk

After my trip to Montana I had a stopover in Denver so with the help of my good friend Justin Balog we hurriedly put together a photowalk. The turnout was huge! Click here to browse through many of the photos that were posted to G+.

Burning Man Photowalk

You all know how much I love Burning Man! Everywhere you look is another mind blowing piece of art or crazy interesting person to photograph. We started hosting photowalks at Burning Man and we’re surprised by how many people showed up, including a number of kids! Check out the G+ event page for photos from the walk. Special thanks to Richard Pryde Hughes for the photo of our group.

Video from Burning Man 2014

Watch this alone or with someone special to you. Just like it says in the beginning, turn up the volume LOUD!


Dallas Photowalk

After Burning Man I drove back to Dallas with Cliff Baise (great friend and Arcanum Master). I’m originally from the Dallas area so it’s always special to hold a photowalk and see a ton of old friends and meet some news ones too. There are a bunch of photos from the Dallas event over on G+. Thanks to Tsafrir Melamed for the group photo!

Cape Town, South Africa Photowalk

Everything was all set for a photowalk in Cape Town, South Africa. I was really looking forward to meeting everyone and walking through the city. Unfortunately I got “stuck in customs” (literally) in Maun, Botswana. They wouldn’t let me into South Africa (long story) but it involved an overnight stay in the capital city of Gaborone, a visit to the US Embassy and a missed flight but I finally made it to Cape Town. Unfortunately it was not in time to make the photowalk! I was crushed! I promise to return one day to hold the photowalk.

Join us on a future Photo Adventure!

About twice per year we hold a Photo Adventure (aka “workshop”) at an exotic location around the world. The most recent photo adventure was in Namibia where seven amazing people joined us for an epic 13 days touring four very different locations around the country. We were all blown away at the beauty and diversity of Namibia’s landscapes, wildlife and people.

The next Photo Adventure will be in my hometown of Queenstown, New Zealand in April 2015. That will be Autumn in New Zealand when the colors of the leaves are just amazing! Check out this behind the scenes video from our last New Zealand workshop. We are also making plans for two very unique adventures, one involves a Yoga retreat and another one in Venice!

Reminder: The best and ONLY way to be the FIRST to hear about future photo adventures is this newsletter. In fact, when announced the African Photo Adventure via the newsletter it sold out in less than 24 hours! We never even mentioned it on the blog or social media. is a personal blog where Trey puts up a new unique photo every day and writes about the art, the technology, and the story of the adventures. Actually, this is Trey writing about this in third person. Both Trey and I appreciate your support very much!

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