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Join me in Namibia for the Adventure of a lifetime!

Namibia is going to be absolutely amazing … I cannot wait! Namibia has some of the most incredible landscapes on the continent, and no doubt you’ll walk away with memories and images that will last a lifetime. And, naturally, I’ll be along with you the whole time. We’re keeping this group extremely small and exclusive, so you’ll have more than enough time with me.

The Adventure Is Limited To A Very Small Group

We are keeping this adventure group very small and intimate. We will be staying at 5 different locations in Namibia taking 5 different flights between these locations. You’ll have LOTS of one-on-one time with Trey, plus a small group will simply be more fun! We’ll get to know one another better and create some unforgettable memories together.

Everything Is Included

You are responsible for your flight to and from Namibia. Once you’re in Windhoek you can relax - we’ll take care of the rest! The guides, lodging, transportation, food, drinks, and of course, hands-on photography and post-processing instruction from me (Trey) are all included.

13 Days Of Non-Stop Action!

13 days. 12 nights. 5 locations. 5 flights. This trip is jam-packed with activities. We’ll never run out of cool new things to see, do, and photograph. Don’t worry, though. We’ll still ensure there is plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and, of course, post-processing!

Visit the Africa Photo Adventure page for additional details.



What Happened to the Website???

Have you seen the ALL NEW website? It's super Google+ commenty-fun and MEGA mobile-friendly! Here’s just five of my favorite new things!:

- Totally responsive and mobile-friendly – scales to any phone and tablets in any orientation!
- Randomised images on top of the homepage that auto-rotate and slide away upon scrolling.
- Mouse-rollover EXIF info. Awesome! You can also share from there.
- Infinite scroll… scroll down forever and ever and ever! :)
- New, streamlined organization. See the menu at the top for all the goodies!

A HUGE thanks to the whole team that made this happen!



Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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Road Through The Hills
HDR Photo

On Thursday nights they have a curry night here at The Hills in Arrowtown. Here in the middle of the summer, the sun doesn't actually go down until 9 or 10 PM, so there is plenty of light. I usually jump into a golf cart and roll around to try to find interesting shots!


The Clay Cliffs
HDR Photo

The Clay Cliffs take a little bit of a drive (30 mins out of the way from Omarama), but they are really worth it. There is just a short hike to get this view, and you can even get up in there and walk around inside. It's enchanting, and you may recognize these from a few scenes in LOTR.


The Double-inner Cloister
HDR Photo

When touring the fortified monastery inside Mont Saint-Michel, one of the final areas after many twists and turns opens into this charming cloister. The arches and craftsmanship is remarkable and makes for at least a few hours worth of photos.


Crater Lake
HDR Photo

Do mornings get easier over time? Maybe, and I Don't Know are my two answers. It's such a relative thing, I guess. And whenever I wake up from sleeping, there is a feeling of a tear between worlds!


La Defense de la Matrix
HDR Photo

This whole area in and around La Défense in Paris is an amazing area for photography. Everyone knows that Paris is a delight for artistic reasons, but the area in and around this building is relatively quiet.


Say Hello to my Little Friend
HDR Photo

I walked up the hill in the back along the fenceline. The house pup bounded along and followed me all the way! He was very friendly. Maybe he was a bit worried about the upcoming storm…


Visiting the Peregrine Winery in the Late Afternoon
HDR Photo

I need to come up with a list of my top 10 wineries to visit in this area. These are all less than half an hour from my house, so I have no excuse!


Exploring Caves in the Valley of Fire
HDR Photo

Is this place hot? Yes. Did I dump a bottle of water on my head every 15 minutes? Yes. Was I completely dry for 14 minutes between each dumping? Yes.


Ducks and Tree and Snow
HDR Photo

There is a cool tree that grows out of the water in Wanaka. When things are calm, sometimes there are these nice little ripples that come by while the ducks swim around… so serene!


My Fortress of Solitude
HDR Photo

I don’t know why I’ve never taken a photo of my studio cottage before now, but this seemed like a good occasion. I’m so in love with my new camera, and I’m super-enamoured since I discovered that my “old” NEX wide-angle lens works so well on the camera! No need to lug around that giant thing any more…