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My review of the Sony a7R Full-frame Mirroless Camera!

I recently completed my review of the Sony a7R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera.

Summary: Incredible (said in an even more impressive French accent). I’m never the first with my reviews because I like to take the camera out on a hard-hitting run before I post my opinions. You’ll also find my reviews not to be overly technical. To me, a camera is there to create interesting art. I like to bend the technology to my will and it’s just a tool in my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have plenty of technical details, but I won’t obsess on tech for the sake of tech. I’m much more into it for the sake of art.

Learning the new Sony A7r while Learning to Paraglide

The new Sony a7R arrived at the same time I was training to fly solo in a paraglider over the Southern Alps! I combined the two into this video below that I recorded using Google Glass. You can see me try out several different lenses as well as the adapter for other kinds of lenses. At the end, there is even a little post-processing tutorial for you!

I wanted to release this as a sample of what's inside The Arcanum — enjoy! By the way, now the whole Apprentice application process is fully integrated with Google+ - yay!



Better By Design CEO Summit 2013

Here is a talk that I recently gave up in Auckland at the Better By Design conference that is put on by Icebreaker and Jeremy Moon. It is a private function that has about 400 CEOs from the biggest New Zealand companies that attend. It’s a really fun and thought-provoking two days where everyone is challenged to evolve design and design thinking.



Three New eBooks over at

Justin BalogSnapseed is a powerful image enhancing tool that is easy to use. Justin Balog's comprehensive video course teaches how to use Snapeed in creative ways by following the along as we process images together. In this course, not only will you learn how to use Snapseed, you will learn the foundations of creative image processing. This course is just as much about 'how to' do it as 'why' we do it. By the end of it you’ll be making amazing images that you are excited to share with your friends, family and maybe the world!


Christa Laser

Christa Laser's Copyright for Photographers gives photographers the initial background information that they need to better understand the laws applicable to them. You'll learn about U.S. copyright, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, contract law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and more. While the information in this book cannot substitute for the advice of your own attorney, it provides helpful insight into the legal issues that affect photographers every day.


Alister Benn

Maritime climates are usually dynamic, and the rhythm of the tides and the passing clouds make it relatively straightforward to create images bursting with energy and flow. The Seascape Photography Bundle, Alister Benn's three-book series, has been written to teach you everything you need to know to get out there and start taking marvelous seascapes – from the most basic and hassle-free techniques through to complex and demanding contemporary disciplines at the cutting edge of our art and craft.



Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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HDR Photo

Here’s one from the Central Otago highlands. This one was handheld. Of course, with a full-frame lens, it’s much easier to get clean hand-held shots in these semi-low-light conditions


HDR Photo

Here we are right before takeoff. This was a handheld shot using the Sony Alpha Lens for their older DSLR system — the 16-35mm. This one was pulled all the way back to 16mm at ISO 50.


HDR Photo

Here’s a lovely little schoolhouse in St. Bathans under stormy skies in the evening.


HDR Photo

Here’s another handheld shot (on a shaky bridge!) near Wanaka. It was also taken with the older Sony Alpha Lens — the 16-35mm.


HDR Photo

Here’s another quick “sports” type shot taken as Chris was running down the hill training with his chute. I basically got no blurry shots at all and had no trouble selecting a sharp one.


HDR Photo

I went for a walk along this fence in the late afternoon as a store was coming in. I had a little friend with me. Say hello to my little friend.


HDR Photo

This is the handheld HDR shot I did from the top of the mountain right before I jumped. This was taken with the older Sony Alpha 16-35mm lens. One nice thing about the adaptor is that it enables autofocus, which saves me a bit of twisting and whatnot.


HDR Photo

And here’s another example of the full-frame buttery goodness of the out of focus area. This was shot with the Leica 50mm f/1.4 lens.


HDR Photo

It’s not as fast as the Nikon D4, but I can squeeze off 4 frames per second, which isn’t horrible. I followed this guy off the dropoff and felt like I was able to get enough shots to find this good one.


HDR Photo

I stepped out from behind a small Bed & Breakfast I was staying at in Central Otago called Coombs cottage and saw this painted sky scene unfolding before me. This was shot at ISO100, shutter 1/500, 24mm.