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Looking to organize your photos?

This tutorial will help you get your digital life organized! This is a problem for me too. I have tens of thousands of photos. Since digital photos are a major issue, I’ve worked hard to come up with a system that works for me. I’m happy to share this system with you.

The tutorial is designed for three kinds of Organization and Workflow: 1) Relaxed – for those people that are very busy with “real life” and just need to get their photos basically organized. 2) Moderate – a thorough system to get everything organized that will bring you mental solitude. 3) OBSESSIVE – the most extreme organizational and workflow methodology, which is the same method that I use!

Our tutorials are typically around $99, but we decided to run an experiment and price it at just $19.97 for the hour long video + the ebook. Or you can do $14.97 if you only want the eBook.



What does the Fox say?

My daughter Scarlett loves to use glass to watch music videos and sing or dance around… in this case, she did a voice search for “What does the fox say” (see the crazy viral video) and then this happened. She can hear it fine, btw… the music is playing clearly by vibrating through her occipital bone.

Teaching Isabella to ride a bike

I helped my daughter learn to ride her bike a few days ago and decided to record it with Google Glass. I wish I had this for my Ethan when I taught him about five years ago!



Save 25% on Purchases of $40 or more!

We've run small sales from time to time but this is the first time we've placed EVERYTHING in our store on sale. From Gear to Tutorials to Tools to eBooks. If the total in your cart exceeds $40 we'll take 25% off the entire purchase.

(Note: The photography workshops are a little different. If you would like to sign-up for a workshop please reach out to Curtis Simmons for more information.)



Win a Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter!!

Ever wanted a state-of-the-art quadcopter that can take amazing photos? This $1,200 Phantom 2 Vision looks to be totally amazing! It even takes 14 megapixel images… not too bad. To win, head over to my blog post and enter a comment about what you’d like to do with it! :) We’ll pick a random commenter in one week and announce it at the beginning of the next Variety Hour.

If you want to learn even more about this quadcopter and drone photography watch the latest episode (#87) of my Variety Hour. We have an all-star line up discussing this fast growing field.



Photomatix Pro 5 - Is it worth the upgrade?

Yes, I think it is certainly worth the upgrade. Having the latest tools that are reasonably priced has always been important to me. There’s nothing wrong with the older versions, of course, but generally this kind of software in general tends to get better with time. There are hundreds of minor little changes that you will notice, but here are some of the bigger ones (at least, to me). Read my updated Photomatix Review and see a list of what's new in this release.

From their website, the upgrade policy is... “The upgrade to Photomatix Pro version 5 will be free of charge for customers who purchased a license of Photomatix Pro version 4.0 or higher through our website or authorised resellers (Photomatix Pro 4.0 was released on October 2010).”

If you end up purchasing, use the code, TREYRATCLIFF, at checkout for 15% off. You can also get a free trial to play around with, but I think you’ll decide quickly that it’s a must have.



Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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A Path Near Diamond Lake
HDR Photo

We were out shooting the new secret video for something you will see very soon (stay tuned!), and we walked along this path on the way back...


The Old Ship Passes
HDR Photo

I was walking under this enormous modern bridge in Tokyo when this old ship started slowly floating by. I don’t know if this is a common site or not, but it was such a cool scene!


A Nightlong Day
HDR Photo

Air NZ contacted me to shoot their new ad campaign, but I told them I really have no idea what I’m doing and probably wasn’t the best choice. I did! I told them this repeatedly, but they kept at it until we finally came to something that would work.


Flying through the Highlands
HDR Photo

This is one of the first landings we made with Choppy on our latest helicopter tour. I swear — they are the most awesome things. I decided to reward myself with a few of these per year…


The Air Force Museum in Christchurch
HDR Photo

This is only the second airplane museum I have been to other than the Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. It reminds me that I should go more often, because they are always awesome. This one had particularly cool lighting, which I’m always a sucker for!


Waterfall over the grave in Milford
HDR Photo

This is Bowen Falls in Milford Sound, and right at the bottom is a very old grave that you can hike to. It’s not an easy hike, but you can get there if you are crafty. It’s the grave of William Ward Rathbun, and there is an old iron fence that is falling apart around it. It’s all very scenic and grave-y.


Crossing the road in Roppongi
HDR Photo

This area of Tokyo is great for photography, but it can be a little scary. I’ve been here about five times over five different years, and the kind of people that hang out there keep changing. There are a lot of international people, which makes it interesting… but there is always a bit of a dangerous edge there.


The Wine Barrels at Gibbston Valley Winery
HDR Photo

This is a cave that was dug into 80 meters into the side of the mountain here in Gibbston valley. It keeps the wines at a constant 12-14°C (53.6-57.2°F) without the need for any other refrigeration. Even better, these kinds of places were made for photography!


Beautiful Roads Across Utah
HDR Photo

I pulled over to the side of the road here to get a quick photo. Actually, honestly, I drove past this hole in the rock, felt regret and pain, then turned the boat around to get another in position once again!


From the Streets of London
HDR Photo

I want to get back to London again for some more photography! Actually, I need to get all over the UK… I’ve been really lame in exploring that part of the world - now that i am a member of the Commonwealth in New Zealand, I gotta get up there to the mother country and do some more exploring, pay my respects to the queen, this sort of thing.