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All NEW, and Always FREE, HDR Tutorial

I wrote this Free HDR photography tutorial over six years ago, and I update it about every three months. Recently I rewrote it from scratch to incorporate all of the new things I’ve learned and I am happy to share them with you. Hundreds of thousands of people have used the tutorial to learn how to make beautiful HDR photos — I am sure it can teach you too! Anyone can do this stuff. All it takes is a tiny bit of curiosity. You'll surprise yourself in no time! Click here to get started!

Here is the final image created during the tutorial. I walk you through each of the steps!



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Stuck On Earth is the ultimate guide for Photographers, Explorers and Daydreamers. I've been amazed at the response to the iPad-only version so I'm very excited that you can now enjoy the adventure from an Android device! :) Download the Android app now and let us know what you think… better yet, create your own Top 50 List and share it with everyone!

Not sure what Stuck on Earth is? Watch this video below!



Speech at SmugMug - Living in the Now

I've been using SmugMug for years (see my SmugMug Review) and they recently invited me up to give a talk. Since I've given many hardcore tech-talks, I decided this time to tell a few traumatic and embarrassing stories about when I was growing up and how I ended up in the world of photography...



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I love Father's Day! After all, I am one! I love it even more now that I live in New Zealand, because while it's celebrated in June in the United States, it is observed in September over here. Hopefully I can convince the kids to celebrate it twice this year. :)

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Downtown Beijing After Rain
HDR Photo

This is the CBD (Central Business District) of Beijing. And yes, I took this with the Sony NEX-7. I’m working on that other piece I mentioned above and will put it up on the blog soon!


The Cinematic Country
HDR Photo

When you drive to Aoraki Village, it can take many more hours than necessary if you like to take photos. There are literally one million places to jump out and get photos of roads and the mountain! So awesome!


Entering the Dungeons
HDR Photo

I can’t imagine actually living in a house with a dungeon. I mean, it would be pretty dang awesome, but you would also feel like you’d have to put the place to good use. I guess I have a few enemies that I could capture and put down there, but that seems a bit extreme. Maybe just have parties and stuff.


Birds on the Spherical Boulders
HDR Photo

After the sun had gotten higher up in the air, I left “sunrise shooting mode” and entered “find interesting shapes mode.” I had on my 14-24 lens, which means I had to get super-close to these birds.


Abandoned Ruins in Dalefield
HDR Photo

I don’t know much about this place, other than it is a bit hidden from the road. If you look for it off Speargrass Flats, then you can see it, but you’ll never notice it if you’re just driving down the road like a normal person. I’ve heard they have plays here and have had a few film crews show up. Either way, it’s cool!


Out in the Woods
HDR Photo

This is one of my favorite photos of an outhouse that I’ve ever taken. I’ve only taken one, by the way.


Lava in the streets of Tokyo
HDR Photo

I had a few people look at this photo and tell me that it looks like lava is flowing down the streets. I never thought of that, but now that I see it, I can’t un-see it! If only we could see Mt. Fuji in the distance, then I could photoshop in a little bit of a volcanic eruption to make the whole effect complete!


Windmill Over Still Lake
HDR Photo

When does a pond become a lake? Maybe this is a pond. Or maybe a pond is a subset of a lake. I do not know for sure. I could look it up, but I find it more fun to speculate about it.


Running down to the Beach
HDR Photo

I was going down to the beach when I decided to get some quick photos up here with Glass. It didn’t take too long. Man, I sure do wish they were RAW files, but sadly they are just JPGs. It’s not the end of the world, but still… it’s a little limiting. Anyway, as you can see, the waves were crashing in and the weather was wonderful…


The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo
HDR Photo

One thing that surprised me about this shot was the pattern the lights made on the water very close to me. It was like laser-light painting!