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Watch Trey Edit This Image Live!

I decided to throw in a bonus for Day 2 of the online class that starts this weekend on the Midnight In Paris page! Each day you’ll learn a lot about photography from Miss Aniela and I. You’ll learn landscape, HDR, post-processing tricks, and even the special tricks that Miss Aniela employs with her models.

Registration includes:

- Participation in the worldwide premiere of the Midnight in Paris tutorial
- Live Q&A session with Miss Aniela and Trey Ratcliff
- Downloadable copy of the video tutorials
- Source image files for all of the photos that Trey processes in the tutorial
- 20 minute bonus video of Trey reviewing all of the photos he took at the workshop
- 40 minute bonus video of Miss Aniela editing her amazing dungeon photo, Lair Love
- Access to the Private Clubhouse forums

Only those that register for the Live class will receive:

- At the end of Day 2, Trey will be editing this photo from beginning to end!
- Downloadable copy of the live Q&A sessions
- One lucky person will win a SmugMug Pro Business for one year (a $300 value)!
- Two people will win their choice of a Drobo Mini or Drob 5D device (Value of $649 – $849)!

Watch the Tutorial Preview!


Register Now!

WHAT: Midnight in Paris - Live Webinar
DATE: January 26 and 27th, 2013
TIME: 4:00 PM Eastern Time / 9:00 PM London (Check your local time)
DURATION: 2+ hours each day
WHERE: Online (We will send you a link after you register)
PRICE: $99 USD CLICK HERE to register now!

Can’t make the scheduled time? Don’t worry you can download it afterwards!



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The Milford Sound Spray
HDR Photo

People are sometimes disappointed when they come to Milford Sound and it is raining, but that is really one of the best times!
The waterfalls go absolutely crazy, and there are, in my opinion, more interesting photos to be taken than in the sunshine.


The Cemetery in the Monastery Castle
HDR Photo

I know that purists tend to call this place more of a monastery, but I call it more of a castle!
To me, after all, it just looks like an almighty castle (said in Bob-Ross-voice), doesn’t it?


The Horse in Paradise
HDR Photo

Tom and I just took a drive out to Paradise, NZ, just beyond Glenorchy.
Along the way, we saw all kinds of amazing landscapes and dramatic animals. Here’s one of the dramatic horses, striking a pose!


Ornate Taxi in Beijing
HDR Photo

This little taxi reminded me a bit of those crazy Burning Man cars! It parked here for just long enough for me to grab a photo.
After it left, I realized that I think wanted a ride in it, but I was too busy getting lost in taking the photo.


The Coastal Boulders
HDR Photo

These boulders in Moeraki are beautiful any time of the day, but morning is the best time to get this kind of light.
Since it faces the ocean to the east, that morning sun comes blasting out right behind them.
But no worries, if you can’t master-plan your visit to that degree, this area is beautiful any time of the day.


Opera House and the Docks
HDR Photo

I took this bright and early one morning when I forced myself to get outta bed and go for a walk.
I was sharing a room with a friend, and I didn’t want to wake him up.
It’s very difficult to wake up, get dressed, and get all your photo equipment together while staying quiet!


The Fantasy Bookcase
HDR Photo

I suppose bookcases will become more an antique in the near future.
It’s hard for me to imagine my kids having a lot of bookcases when they get older… the vast majority of everything they read now is on a tablet.
I suppose they can have a bookcase with a few tablets in it, but that’s kind of like having a buggy-whip case full of lightsabers.


The Ancient Muds of Death Valley
HDR Photo

Death Valley is a pretty harsh place. It’s especially harsh if you happen to live your life as mud.
I saw these kinds of cracked mudflats in many places, but this was one of my favorites.


Downtown Sydney from the Rocks
HDR Photo

I took this one from the top of a 3-story salsa bar. I didn’t even really go into the bar, except for the way to find the top of it!
I looked quite strange walking around the salsa dancefloor to get to the other side, dancing with my tripod!


Tunnel Beach
HDR Photo

This is a really beautiful and unique beach just south of Dunedin.
It’s not a drive-up-and-visit-beach. It’s a drive-up-and-walk-a-long-way-then-down-a-long-tunnel-beach.
Once we got down there, hardly anyone was at the beach. The views are amazing, and we even saw a few cliff divers.
I think those guys are a bit crazy!