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I'm inviting a limited number to join me here in New Zealand for a once-in-a-lifetime photo adventure of epic proportions! You will get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with me, and you'll end up with amazing photos and stories no matter your skill level.

The five day adventure begins with dinner at my home and ends with a special bonus adventure at Milford Sound. Each day will be packed with photography, personal one-on-one instruction, beginning before sunrise and ending late into the evening.

If you need a bit more convincing then put on your headphones and watch these videos that I put together recently: 30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown | Moving to New Zealand

Visit the New Zealand Photo Adventure page for additional details.



Special Black Friday Sale!

I may live in New Zealand now, but that doesn't mean we can't have a Black Friday sale. Use the discount code "BlackFriday30" to save 30% on all of our Photography Tutorials, Lightroom Presets, and eBooks over at!

Plus, for the first time ever, you can save 30% on my Limited Edition Prints! They make great Christmas gifts. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. ;-)

We will not offer a discount this big again in 2012. But you have to act fast - the sale is only valid this Thursday, Nov 22nd through Sunday, Nov 25th, 2012.

(Note: The discount does not apply to workshops or mobile apps)



Win $250 from Adorama

For the month of November we are running a photo contest to see all of the creative ways you use Trey's Lightroom Presets. The winner will receive a $250 gift certificate from Adorama!

To enter, simply post your photo to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and add the tag "#TreysLightroomPresets" along with the name of the preset you used to the photo's description. You can post as many photos as you want during the month of November. On December 1, 2012 we'll pick a random winner from the entries. Good luck and have fun!

Check out some of the latest #TreysLightroomPresets entries here.



Social Media How-To

Here is something MANY people have been asking for - a primer on social media! So, I've (somehow) gotten over 8 million followers on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest combined, and I just did this interview below about this. Many people ask me about social media, so now I am pointing you to Frederick Van's Site to find out more.

If you find the talk below interesting, you should go check out more free stuff on Fred's site or sign up for his course. If you enter STUCKINCUSTOMS, you'll get $50 off he says - so go for it! :)

I don't personally sell any ebooks or videos about social media, but you should really pay attention to Frederick Van here. I trust him, and you should too. If you're looking to grow your knowledge and expertise in this area, Fred will get you set up! I know the course is called something like "Social Media for Photographers", but I think it's probably applicable to many disciplines... I should get him to change the name to make it more broad! :)



New eBooks at Flatbooks

Crowd Control takes an in-depth look at generating demand and eliciting curiosity in your creative work. Corwin uses examples from his management consulting business, and personal projects like CREATIVEMIX, to illustrate how you can promote your creative endeavor and grow your business by engaging with people instead of pushing a sales agenda.

This 65-page eBook (nearly 14,000 words) is packed with insights, ideas, and best practices that are connected together by a simple question: Do you want to stand out from the crowd or do you want to attract a crowd?


The premise of Travel Not Required is simple: to present a collection of images, widely varying in characteristics, that is representative of the myriad possibilities that exist without requiring significant travel time or travel expense.

Through investigation, experimentation, and study the author has discovered how various combinations of techniques and effects can produce truly unique and remarkable images without epic subject matter from which to draw.


Want to try HDR? Start with Photomatix!

Photomatix Pro from HDRsoft is an integral part of my HDR processing. If you would like to purchase Photomatix Pro (or get a free trial) be sure to use the Photomatix Coupon Code code "TREYRATCLIFF" at checkout to save some money. You can find the software for Mac or Windows at the HDRSoft website.


Reminder: The Text HDR Tutorial is Always Free!

I keep a completely FREE HDR Tutorial on my website. It is a living document that continues to evolve over the years. It goes over everything you need to get started and is a great introduction to the basics of HDR photography and post processing.


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Crossing Monkey Creek
HDR Photo


Exploring Battery Park
HDR Photo


Driving Along Lake Hawea
HDR Photo


The Old Train Station in Los Angeles
HDR Photo


San Francisco in the Fog
HDR Photo


The Swirling Seashore
HDR Photo